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“Sherry Aon’s journey exemplifies modern grace and strength. Her support for her husband Rick Gonzalez and dedication to family privacy and philanthropy. She is quiet yet her influence and presence in the world of entertainment represent the importance of kindness, love, affection, and creating meaningful change”

Sherry Aon has emerged as quite an acquainted face inside the entertainment world, and a huge part of that is thanks to her strong connection together with her husband, the well-known TV persona Rick Gonzalez. Born lower back in 1979, Sherry, now 44, plays a critical function in supporting Rick’s professional adventure. Rick, who entered the sector in 1976, has earned himself lots of rewards for his numerous roles in popular TV series and suggests.

You have in all likelihood seen Sherry tagging along with Rick at televised events and awards ceremonies, and that’s sincerely helped her make a call for herself inside the industry. Even though she’s not actively chasing stardom herself, her bond with Rick naturally draws attention.

Their partnership is sort of a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the enjoyment international, displaying us the power of affection and aid in navigating the highs and lows of reputation. Through their public appearances and joint ventures, Sherry and Rick hold to allure audiences with their true connection and their shared journey through the glitz and glamour of showbiz.

Their love tale is going way again to their school days, and Sherry and Rick’s courting stands as evidence of their lasting dedication. They tied the knot in 2012, and the following year, they welcomed their daughter into the arena. Rick’s openness approximately their dating has only added to Sherry’s visibility and respect inside the enterprise.

Who is Sherry Aon?

Sherry Aon, a native of the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico who was born in New York in 1979, has usually had a sturdy love for the humanities. Her time at Manhattan’s High School of the Performing Arts, wherein she graduated as a symbol of love and steadfast support in preference to chasing repute, influenced her course.

During her excessive college years, Sherry’s path intertwined with that of the proficient American singer and actor, Rick Gonzalez. Little did they recognize that their bond could evolve right into a mythical love story. Their dating took a new flip when they exchanged vows in 2011, and in 2013, their daughter Skylar Gonzalez became the most recent addition to their family.

Sherry Aon is greater than just Skylar’s mom and Rick’s wife, although. She had a protracted career as a version, acting in advertisements for famous groups like Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and Tommy Hilfiger. Beyond the glitz, Sherry is a passionate health fanatic, tune lover, promoter of charitable tasks, and believer in shielding positive elements of personal privacy.

Early Life and Education

Sherry Aon’s avenue to success turned into formed by means of her love for mastering and her knack for business. Even from a young age, she showed sharp thoughts and a talent for fixing troubles, characteristics that would later outline how she led. After completing her bachelor’s diploma, Sherry determined to pursue an MBA at a top college, where she in addition developed her strategic wondering and economic abilities.

Sherry Aon Biography

The actor Rick Gonzalez can be acquainted with you. Alright, let me to introduce you to Sherry Aon, his super associate. She’s now not just his committed wife, however a amazing mom as properly. Sherry is a native of New York, and her family has ties to the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. 

She was born in 1979 and attended Manhattan’s High School of the Performing Arts given that she has constantly been drawn to the humanities. Impressively, she has also worked with most important manufacturers consisting of Ralph 

Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, and Calvin Klein. Really dazzling, isn’t it?

Let me provide you with the inside track on how Sherry and Rick’s paths converged. Imagine this: it’s 2009, and destiny works its magic, bringing them into each other’s lives. Fast ahead to 2011, and they’re exchanging vows, sealing their love in matrimony. And in 2014, their family grew with the advent of their valuable package of joy, including the correct of completion their adventure together.

But what really units Sherry apart is that she’s no longer entirely targeted on her own family life. No, she’s deeply committed to creating a distinction. Through her voice, she increases attention to full-size global activities. That degree of ardor is surely admirable, don’t you suspect?

Sherry Aon Personal Life

Sherry Aon and Rick Gonzalez have nurtured a robust bond considering their excessive college days, a connection that has stood the check of time. In 2012, Rick, the American actor, made the dedication to marry his long-time companion, solidifying their relationship after years of shared experiences and increase.

Their happiness reached new heights with the appearance of their daughter, Skylar Gonzalez, born on July 26, 2013. As a close-knit circle of relatives, they radiate joy and contentment. Sherry intentionally chooses no longer to actively interact on structures like Instagram and Twitter, opting instead to safeguard the privacy of her non-public existence. She directs her consciousness closer to treasuring moments along with her beloved family, taking part in outings, and exploring new locations collectively.

Sherry holds the privacy of her extended own family in high regard, selecting to reveal best her father’s name, Tony Cass, who is presently fifty eight years old. However, she maintains information about her mom and siblings undisclosed. Emphasizing the importance of privacy, Sherry Aon channels her efforts into nurturing strong family bonds and growing lasting reminiscences together.

When did Sherry Aon marry Rick Gonzalez?

The couple exchanged vows in an intimate wedding ceremony in 2012, surrounded by near buddies and their own family. Before tying the knot, they shared a close bond at the same time as their relationship and lived together.

Despite being married, scant information is available about their wedding date, area, or even how they first met. However, it’s believed they crossed paths during their high school years.

According to a heartfelt Mother’s Day post by way of Gonzalez on social media, their initial come-across involved Sherry displaying a few mind-set, which intrigued him. Despite early disagreements, their courting blossomed into deep love.

Gonzalez’s submit displays their journey, acknowledging the demanding situations they’ve confronted collectively and praising Sherry’s unwavering support and resilience. He describes her as his rock, highlighting her dedication to ensuring the quality for him and their daughter.

Details About Her Husband Rick Gonzalez

Introducing Rick Gonzalez – more than just a talented actor and singer, he’s a grasp storyteller whose performances resonate deeply with audiences. From his compelling portrayals in films like “Coach Carter” and “Old School” to his captivating roles in TV collections which include “Reaper” and “Arrow,” Rick’s adventure inside the amusement industry is marked utilizing acclaim and a growing fan following.

Think of Timo Cruz in the gripping “Coach Carter,” the charismatic Spanish in “Old School,” or the superhero Wild Dog in “Arrow” – Rick breathes lifestyles into characters in a manner that leaves a long-lasting impression. His profession took off with “Thicker Than Blood” in 1998, and his relocation to Los Angeles after “Mambo Cafe” in 2000 became a turning factor.

But Rick’s influence extends beyond the degree; he’s a catalyst for change. His advocacy efforts, which include a nomination for the Imagen Award for his function in “Reaper,” underscore his determination to causes like immigration and gun violence awareness.

In 2021, he showcased his versatility in “The Lost Symbol,” and in 2022, he tackled the role of Detective Bobby Reyes in “Law and Order: Organized Crime.” Rick Gonzalez isn’t simply an actor; he’s a storyteller with a task to make a distinction via his craft.

In Hollywood’s ever-changing landscape, Rick isn’t just a growing expertise; he’s a image of versatility and commitment. His performances aren’t just amusement; they’re a mirrored image of his real passion for storytelling and his willpower to impact trade, one role at a time.

Sherry Aon’s Family and Home

Sherry Aon has made Hidden Hills, California, their domestic. She lives there together with her husband Rick Gonzalez and their cute nine-year-antique daughter Skylar. Not handiest is this an appropriate area wherein they live, but it additionally serves because the have plenty of valuable family recollections.

They currently labored together in a business for Calvin Klein’s Eternity For Men perfume, which highlights how well they combine public appearances with a circle of relatives time.

Their house in Hidden Hills serves as their sanctuary—an area where they can enjoy the privacy and peace they offer. Here, they devise memories that fortify their family bonds, far from the hustle and bustle of the enjoyment industry and public interest.

Sherry consciously maintains a low on line profile, a planned desire to guard her circle of relatives’s privacy and preserve their unique moments. This decision reflects their core values, prioritizing the protection of intimate own family studies in an international regularly fixated on looking for interest.

As we explore Sherry Aon’s lifestyles in addition, the aim is to uncover the significant moments and stories that shape their lives in the tranquil placing of Hidden Hills, California.


When it comes to her expert adventure, Sherry Aon is presently exploring diverse paths to outline her career. Meanwhile, her husband, Rick Gonzalez, stands as an amazing discern within the leisure realm with substantial contributions to each television and movie. Rick embarked on his performing career in 1997, making a lasting impression on several TV suggests and movies. His role within the tv movie “Thicker than Blood” marked a turning factor, incomes him acclaim and paving the manner for his next endeavors.

Rick’s expertise has graced popular TV collections including “Boston Public,” “The Shield,” “Rapper’s Law,” and “Law and Order,” raising his repute above that of his wife through his terrific acting skills. Beyond television, Rick has established his versatility by way of acting in song films, in addition to establishing his have an effect on and presence in the leisure enterprise.

Net Worth

Sherry Aon continues a reserved stance regarding monetary subjects, while her husband, Rick Gonzalez, has accomplished excellent fulfillment inside the leisure enterprise, boasting an expected internet really worth of approximately $1 million.

Rick’s journey in show enterprise has been beneficial, earning sizable profits via his performances in movies and appearances on famous TV series. With Rick’s awesome expertise, it’s no marvel that he instructions pinnacle pay for his roles.

However, the internet well worth isn’t entirely decided by way of income; it also reflects sensible investments and financial techniques. With Rick’s steady stream of labor and doubtlessly astute investments, he likely enjoys monetary balance.

Together, Sherry and Rick have probable accrued wealth through their mixed efforts in the entertainment industry. However, Sherry chooses to maintain the info of her very own net worth personal, that’s completely comprehensible.

As we delve deeper into Sherry Aon’s international, we count on uncovering extra about their monetary adventure. So, stay tuned for further insights!

Final Words

Sherry Aon stands as a beacon of strength, grace, and suggestion in both her personal and professional existence. From her enduring love story with Rick Gonzalez to her willpower to own family, privacy, and philanthropy, Sherry embodies the essence of a current-day position version. Her career achievements, dedication to variety and inclusion, and advocacy for wonderful trade exhibit her unwavering integrity and compassion. 

As she continues to navigate the journey of existence, Sherry’s legacy will undergo, leaving an indelible mark on the ones who’ve had the privilege of knowing her tale. In an international often fixated on reputation and fortune, Sherry Aon reminds us of the proper importance of love, kindness, and creating a distinction, one significant moment at a time.

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